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King Solomon's Mines (Bahasa Inggris)

Jual Novel King Solomon's Mines

Popular illustrated Classics is a series of masterpieces from world literature. It includes the works of English authors such as William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens as well as authors such as Chekhov and Maupassant in translation. Realising the importance of line drawings in enhancing the intimacy of the reading experience, it has been conceived as an illustrated series. For the first time ever, a series has attempted to modestly delineate the tender, dramatic and conflict ridden scenes that burst upon the creative minds of our great storytellers. Popular illustrated Classics thus seeks to popularise high literature for the general reader, who feels that classics are reserved for a privileged few.


H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines has entertained generations of readers since its first publication in 1885. Following a mysterious map of dubious reliability, a small group of men trek into southern Africa in search of a lost friend-and a lost treasure, the fabled mines of King Solomon. Led by the English adventurer and fortune hunter Allan Quartermain, they discover a frozen corpse, survive untold dangers in remote mountains and deserts, and encounter the merciless King Twala en route to the legendary hoard of diamonds.

Rincian Informasi Novel King Solomon's Mines

Judul King Solomon's Mines
Penulis: H. Rider Haggard
Kulit Muka: Soft Cover
Tebal: 296 Halaman
Berat Buku: 180 gram
Penerbit: Rohan Book Company
Tahun: 2003 Cetakan ke 1
Harga Buku: Rp. 20.000,-
Kondisi: Cukup Bagus (Buku Bekas/ORIGINAL/Kondisi fisik sesuai foto)
Kertas halaman kecoklatan.

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King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines

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