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No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

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The Savior
No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

No Wonder They Call Him The Savior
Toko Buku Bekas Online Aksiku yang berlokasi di Jakarta Timur menjual buku bekas No Wonder They Call Him The Savior.

Judul: Chronicles Of The Cross: No Wonder They Call Him The Savior
Penulis: Max Lucado
Kulit Muka: Soft Cover
Tebal: 200 Halaman
Harga Buku: Rp. 40.000,- HABIS
Berat Buku: 330 g
Penerbit: Multnomah Books
Terbit tahun: 1986 Cetakan ke 1
Kulit Muka: Soft Cover Kondisi: Cukup Bagus (Buku BEKAS/Kondisi fisik sesuai foto)
Kertas halaman mulai kecoklatan.

It All Comes Down To One Thing.
When your life feels hollow, what can fill it with meaning?
If someone asked you, "What makes Christianity different from any other religion?"how could you answer?
When you need reassurance that someone deeply loves you, where can you turn?


You have seen it. You have worn it. Maybe you have even prayed to it. But do you know it?

Any serious study of the Christian claim is, at its essence, a study of the cross. To accept or reject Christ without careful examination of Calvary is like deciding on a car without looking at the engine.

So take a good look at the cross. Examine this hour in history. Look at the witnesses. LIsten to the voices. Watch the faces.


Because what he did is the one thing that matters most of all.

Max Lucado is heard Monday through Friday on the national radio program,"UpWork." His other books include And the Angels Were Silent, God Came Near and Six Hours One Friday.

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