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The Witching Hour (Anne Rice)

Judul: The Witching Hour
Penulis: Anne Rice
Tebal: 1208 Halaman
Harga: HABIS
Berat Buku: 590 g
Kulit Muka: Soft Cover Kondisi: Cukup (Buku BEKAS/Kondisi fisik SESUAI foto)
Penerbit: Penguin Books Tahun: 1990 Cet.1



She is the thirteenth and strongest of the witches - the doorway through which he can finally consummate his insatiable desire.

Rowan Mayfair is a beautiful, successful neurosurgeon with an extraordinary power to heal - or to harm. While sailing off the California coast she rescues a drowning man, Michael Curry. But Michael's brush with death leaves him with a terrifying psychic ability and disturbing images that drive him back to his, and Rowan's, native New Orleans.

As the two gradually unravel the secret of Michael's strange gift and Rowan's hidden past, their love story is interwoven with the history of the rich and powerful Mayfair family - a history of three centuries of incest, violence and dark sensuality.

And at the heart of the mystery is the seductive, evil and increasingly potent spirit with whom Michael and Rowan are inescapably linked. His name is Lasher, and he is a lover of witches.

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