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Treasures of China by Du Feibao and Du Minglun

Jual Buku Import Treasures of China


A few years ago, We published Things Chinese, a book about Chinese cultural relies. I am very pleased that the book has been favorably received by readers ever since its appearance. Treasures of China is also a book about Chinese cultural relics and can thus be regarded as a companion to Things Chinese.

Chinese cultural relics can be divided into two categories. The first category consists of immovable cultural relics such as the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The second category dontain movable cultural relics such as those on display in museums. This book only deals with movable cultural relics belonging to different historical periods. They are all rare treasures either handed down from ancient times or discovered in recent decades.

Chinese cultural relics are grouped into classes A, B and C according to their values. Those raed as class A are fine works of art and are valued as national treasures of China. National reasures are cultural relics but cultural relics are not necessarily national treasures. The cultural relics talked about in this book are among the best of class A items.

According to statistics, China has a collection of more than 100,000 class A cultural realics. This book contains some 160 short articles with color illustations about Chinese cultural relics in the followng 11 groups: stone carvings, jades, pottery ware, prcelain ware, bronzes, silver and gold articles, wooden and lacquer articles, paintings, calligraphic works, seals and ancient China's science and technology. As the Chinese saying goes,"A drop of water can reflect the sun." I sincerely hope the book can help the reader gain an insight into the rich Chinese culutre although it deals with only a small part of Chinese cultural relics.

The articles in this book are independent of each other. However, in order to enable the reader to appreciate Chines culture in a systematic way, the cultural relics described in this book are arranged in chronological order.

We are neither historians nor archeologists. We are but general scholars. We like to visit museums and have taken lots of photographs of rare cultural relics in their collections. We regard it a great honor to have been able to see with our own eyes many national treasures of China and also regard it a great honor to be able to present the to the reader through this book.

Du Feibao and Du Minglun
May 2006, Beijing 

Rincian Informasi Buku Treasures of China

Judul Treasures of China
Penulis: Du Feibao and Du Minglun
Kulit Muka: Soft Cover
Tebal: 237 Halaman Full Colour
Berat Buku: 460 g
Penerbit: China Travel & Tourism Press
Tahun: 2006 Cetakan ke 1
Harga Buku: HABIS
Kondisi: Cukup Bagus (Buku Bekas/Kondisi fisik sesuai foto/LIHAT FOTO)

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Treasures of China

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